Our modern society is more technologically-reliant than ever before, and communities are changing to supply the growing demand for engineers. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to expanding the sphere of influence by establishing other FIRST groups within Madera Unified’s schools. In doing so, we hope our efforts to expand STEM’s impact on our younger students expose them to a whole new world of opportunities that they previously had little knowledge of. 

MadTown Brick Club

In 2016, Team 1323 began a youth robotics program called the Brick Club at George Washington Elementary School in Madera, CA. It was a successful program which introduced the 20 students to arithmetic and scientific concepts through the usage of Legos. 

Creating and implementing these clubs is the first step of the Robotics Advancement Program, or R.A.P. This initiative will spread these Brick Clubs to all MUSD elementary schools, turning them into VEX IQ teams, and creating VEX EDR teams in middle schools.

MadTown ThrowDown

MadTown ThrowDown is an event hosted by us, which takes place after the regular season of the FRC game.

It was conceptualized to provide an opportunity to allow teams to have fun, and train their incoming or returning member in areas that they are unfamiliar in, exposing members to an FRC event.

Tech Town Exhibit

Our largest demonstration we participate in is our Tech Town Exhibit at the annual Madera Fair. Our display includes Virtual Reality games, Lego robots, 3D printers, a “Make-It station,” and gaming area. Our exhibit alone draws over 20,000 people each year, making it the largest and most attended exhibit in the Central Valley.


Our influence of STEM has spread to the entirety of our city through our various demonstrations and relations with our sponsors. Our presentations throughout the year provide us with various ways to reach out to many different people. Our demonstrations remain the same, whether its the Harvest Festival, Pomegranate Festival, James Monroe’s Book Bonanza, or George Washington’s Fall Carnival.


“The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST” (Submitted Awards // Resource Library // FIRST)

The Chairman’s Award encompasses all of our outreach efforts for the entirety of our team’s existence. It emphasizes our outreach efforts within our community and celebrates the promotion of STEM.