Michael Horder

  • Handles student recruitment (Google Classroom, Remind, waivers, announcement etc..)
  • Meets with core leadership weekly to discuss goals and success/failures
  • Handles all paperwork related to trips and event planning
  • Aids students in write ups for robot, outreach and various other award submissions
  • Aids students in developing outreach media; such as website, twitter etc..
  • Assists in MTTD planning committee

Head Mentor

Ranjit Chahal (R.C.)

  • Handles ordering of robot parts & other shop related components
  • Facilitates engineering mentors
  • Overall overseer of the robotics program and shop, top level director of program


Gary Chahal

  • Aids and train the students in assembly and CAD of the robot
  • CAD subassemblies and components of the FRC Robot during build season
  • Creates prototypes for FRC Robot
  • Helps with overall robot design and execution of strategy


Elias Avila

  • Aids and trains students with using the shop equipment: Manual and CNC equipment
  • Aids and trains students with wiring of the robot


Leo Begley

  • Aids students in assembly and construction of all projects, not limited to robot. This includes shop racks and various other projects
  • Aids students in training of CNC equipment
  • Trains students to wire the robot
  • Trains students to plumb the pneumatics system
  • In charge of working with sponsors to secure materials and services; such as powdercoating, anodizing, materials etc..


Luis Vasquez

  • Aids and train kids to use CNC router, CNC Lathe and 3d printers
  • In charge of handling sponsorships.